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Grant success - Eric Reid Fund for Methodology - July-August 2022

This project aims to establish a new biosensor for detecting a novel antibiotic mechanism of action and will fund a summer school student at the School of Biosciences. Funded by the Biochemical Society.

3rd International Conference for Synthetic Biology for Natural Products, Cancun, Mexico, 16-19th May 2022

Dr Simon Moore and Miss Kameshwari (Kam) Chengan (GCRF PhD student, left image) both gave invited talks on cell-free systems, in the Day 2 theme "Synthetic Biology to Access and Optimize Natural Products", chaired by Professor Michael Burkhart, University of San Diego, California. Hopefully a return fixture for 2024!

Cancun 2022, Kam Chengan presenting

Cancun 2022, conference photo

Grant success - EPSRC funded Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing - Aug 2022 - Feb 2023

We are recruiting for a six-month research technician to develop new to nature natural products, designed through synthetic biology, for targeted anti-cancer therapeutics.

Kent-Southampton collaboration meeting - Canterbury, Jan 2022

National Biofilms Innovation Centre sponsored meeting with Dr Ivo Tews and Mr Chris Holes (University of Southampton), who visited University of Kent, with Dr Simon Moore and Dr Anastasios Tsaousis.

Microbial Impacts – Wessex and South Coast Regional Meeting, Southampton, 3rd December 2022

Dr Simon Moore gave a 1 minute ‘Rapid Fire’ Presentation

New arrival - Dr Lakshmeesha Nagappa - September 2021

Lakshmeesha joins us from Bangalore, India, as postdoctoral research assistant, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Lakshmeesha will work on the Streptomyces venezuelae cell-free system and natural product biosynthesis.

Filming for JoVE - 1st November, 2021

Toh M, Chengan K, Hanson T, Freemont PS, Simon J. Moore. A high-yield Streptomyces transcription-translation toolkit for synthetic biology and natural product applications (2021) JoVE 10.3791/63012

A fun (and long) day of filming for Kam!

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A la Turka, Canterbury, Oct 2021

First meal out since the group (Moore and Lawrence) emerged from hiding.

Sep 2020 - Feb 2021 - We return

A difficult time for all, and one where Teams/Zoom meetings were essential. However, from the darkness, embers began to glow in the lab...

Left to right - Sam Jones, Seth Coode, Dr Sarah Blackburn and Agata Lesneiwska

Biosciences group posters, January 2020

The original Moore Group - Start Oct 2019

"There are neither beginnings nor endings...But it was a beginning.” - Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan

We started and trained four new lab starters ... and then ... Joe Wicks became a TV star (for good reasons) overnight. Simon took up running, and group members learnt about genome mining to pass the time. However, the wet laboratory was ever calling and we eventually returned in September 2020.