The Moore Group

Cell-Free Synthetic Biology

We are a cell-free synthetic group working on applications within biotechnology, antimicrobial resistance and food security areas.

We have specific focus on cell-free gene expression (CFE) systems for rapid prototyping of biosynthesis and bioactivity.

Cell-free Gene Expression

Cell-free systems require a cell-extract, DNA and an energy solution, to make mRNA and proteins within seconds to minutes. TX-TL offers a wealth of opportunities within synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology. For further details see the research pages.

The Moore group joined the School of School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences, Queen Mary University of London in January 2023. We acknowledge funding from the following sources: Wellcome Trust, Leverhulme Trust, GCRF, EPSRC, Royal Society and Biochemical Society.

PhD positions in AMR and cell-free biosynthesis - We will have two PhD positions available for September 2023, please see vacancies.